Monday, January 30, 2012

Tycoon Teaser: CENTURY 21 Super Bowl (video)

The President/CEO of Century 2, Rick Davidson,  shared some figures today from the National Association of Realtors. For three months in a row prior to January, existing homes sales rose and remain above last years levels. Home sales increased 5% nationally in December and total housing inventory fell 9.2%. That makes it the lowest level of available inventory since March, 2005. But at the current rate of home sales, that's about a 6.2 month supply. With a market that continues this way, we could see a balanced market with prices stabilizing and even some possible growth. Freddie Mac fell to 3.95% interest rates in December setting another record! The National median home price was $164,500 in December. Cash transactions were down 1% and investors made up 21% of purchases in December and first time home buyers accounted for 31% of transactions. Distressed home made up 32% of sales in December which was up 3% over November. Confidence is building in the real estate market and now is a good time to think about moving.

Century 21 Seller Service Pledge

As an independently owned and operated CENTURY 21® Office, we are dedicated to providing you with service that is professional, courteous and responsive in helping you market your property. To fulfill this commitment, we agree to provide you with the following services:

1.     Dedicate ourselves to making the process of selling your home as easy and successful as possible
2.     Respect you and your needs and be honest and forthright, in accordance with Fair Housing regulations and ethical real estate practices
3.     Hold your best interests in the highest regard throughout the process
4.     Value and respect your time, being as efficient and effective as possible
5.     Understand your needs and respond quickly
6.     Utilize my knowledge, resources and training to best serve you
7.     Provide regular progress reports throughout the process and discuss with you comments received about your property
8.     Explain each step of the process and act as a guide to help you make informed decisions
9.     Make recommendations to enhance the marketability of your property
10.   Utilize a written Competitive Market Analysis and local market information to help you set an appropriate listing price to sell your home and receive the value it deserves
11.   Review various financing alternatives
12.   Develop, present and agree upon a customized marketing plan that will detail specific promotional efforts to help best market your property
13.   Place the internationally recognized CENTURY 21 yard sign on your property, with your permission and subject to local ordinances
14.   Post your property on, a site which receives millions of visitors each month
15.   Explain local real estate procedures and regulations
16.   Show your property to potential buyers
17.   Utilize the CENTURY 21 System’s vast online resources to expose your property to potential buyers around the world
18.   Utilize the CENTURY 21 System to help you obtain the results you deserve, including leveraging our network of more than 8,000 offices worldwide
19.   Submit to you all written offers, assist with negotiations, and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds, so you understand all implications prior to the acceptance of any offer
20.   Upon acceptance of an offer by you, pre-settlement (escrow) activities throughout the closing process will be monitored as permitted by law or local practice
21.   Assist you in finding your next home, or offer to refer you to an agent in another location

Please call me now so we can discuss how this service pledge can work for you.

Dan Dekker
Century 21 Premier Group

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Century 21 Moving Checklist

Please feel free to comment on my posts! I would like to know how you think I'm doing as a blogger. How about some real estate questions? Anyway, let's talk about moving!

6-8 Weeks Before moving day

 o    Set the date

 o    Interview moving companies and get estimates

 o    Get costs from truck rental companies if you are 
         planning to move yourself

 o    Inventory household goods

 o    Choose a mover

at least 4 weeks before moving day

 o    Contact utility companies to arrange for transfer
         or shut off

 o    File change of address forms

            - Don’t forget to notify creditors and anyone
            else who sends you monthly mail or

 o    Notify friends and family of new address

 o    Start organizing items to be moved or packed

            - Fragile vs. non-fragile

            - Immediate need in new home

                 Kitchen items




 o Hold a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items
           and junk

2 Weeks Before moving day

Return any borrowed or rented items

        - Cable Boxes

        - Furniture

        - Library books

        - Etc.

Pick up any personal items

        - Cleaning

        - Tools

        - Etc.

Begin to clear out refrigerator and freezer

1 Week Before moving day

Confirm arrangements with the movers

Notify friends and neighbors that you may need
        their help

o Make arrangements for care of small children
         and pets for the day

1 day before moving

Read a book - NOT!
Make sure each person has a bag packed for
        essentials at the new address

Defrost refrigerator/freezer

Confirm arrival time of movers

Day of the move

Get an early start

Make sure movers have your contact
        information during the move

Be available to movers for questions

Perform final check of the home once movers
        have left

      - Make sure any appliances left behind are
        turned off

            - Be sure to leave keys and garage door
o    All rooms should be at least broom clean and
            prepared for buyer walk through inspection

Delivery Day

o        Make sure you understand how mover expects
        to be paid

o        Supervise unloading and any unpacking

o        Confirm receipt of all items on inventory sheets

o        Welcome to your new home!

Moving can be fun but it can turn out to be a nightmare! So please call me now so I can walk you through all the steps of a successful move!

Dan Dekker

Century 21 Premier Group


Friday, January 27, 2012

Century 21 Staging Your Home Checklist

When it comes time to prepare your home for showing you might want to consider hiring a professional to help. If you choose to do it yourself here are some tips for you to think about. In doing this, you will be ahead of most of the sellers already on the market in the way your home shows.


  • Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture throughout the house 
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops
  •  In the bathroom, remove items from the countertops, tubs, shower stalls and commode tops
  •  Be sure that the bathroom tubs, tile, sinks, shower floor and ceiling and toilet bowls are free of mildew and look sparkling clean
  •  Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if necessary
  • Take down or rearrange pictures or objects on walls
  •  Patch and paint where necessary
  •  Review the house inside room by room, and
  •  Paint any room needing paint
  •  Clean carpets and vacuum drapes that need it
  •  Clean windows and cobwebs from ceilings and chandeliers
  •  Make sure the closets and garage are not “too full” 
  •  Replace burned out light bulbs and repair any faulty switches
  •  Repairs and improvements will facilitate a sale being made
  •  Make certain all rooms are odor-free 

  • Go around perimeter of the house and remove all garbage cans, discarded wood scraps, extra building materials, etc, into the garage or trash
  • Check gutters and/or roof for leaks and/or dry rot
  • Weed and then mulch all planting areas 
  •  Clear patios and decks of all small items, such as small planters, flowerpots, charcoal, barbecues,
               toys, etc.
  •  Check paint condition on the house, especially the front door and trim
  •  Review if shutters, shingles, stone or bricks need replacing
  • Check exterior stairs and handrails; walkways, screens, screen doors

In general

  • Try to look at your house “through a buyer’s eyes” as though you have never seen it before
If you need help staging your home to sell, please give me a call and we'll make the most of staging to benefit you.

Dan Dekker
Century 21 Premier Group 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to Have Ready to List Your Property

o  Prior year tax bill

o  Survey (if you have one already)

o  Account numbers for mortgage

o  3 copies of the key to the front door

o  Invoices for repairs or improvements to the property

o  A list of inclusions and exclusions in the sale

o  Any interior or exterior pictures of the property

o  Declarations/Covenants/Deed Restrictions (if applicable)

o  Utility bills, actual monthly costs or monthly budget

o  Information on special assessments (if applicable)

o  Homeowners/Condominium association information (if applicable)

            • Amount

            • Company

            • Address

            • Contact name

            • Phone number

Now that your documents are all in hand, please call me so we can list your property now!

Dan Dekker
Century 21 Premier Group

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Minnesota Song

Factors that Influence the Value of your home

Factors that have no impact on the current value of your home:

·       What you paid for it

·       Your Investment in the property (such as upgrades)

·       What you want to net from the sale

·      What those outside the industry believe the property is worth

Please call me today so I can unravel the mystery of the correct market value of your home.

Dan Dekker
Century 21 Premier Group

A Little History

My real estate experience started in 1998 with Coldwell Banker Burnett where I graduated from Coldwell Banker University and quickly rose to Realtor® of the month at my Office in Burnsville. I continued in school and earned my designation as Graduate, Realtor® Institute or G.R.I. with the National Board of Realtors®. In 2001, I joined a new company called RHS Realty, a fast growing company who, many years later, merged with Coldwell Banker Burnet. At the merger in 2007, I joined Gold Key Realty who merged with Century 21 Premier Group the following year.
Century 21 Premier Group was established in 1964 and has now grown to the sixth largest real estate company in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. However, our ten Twin Cities locations provide that small town professional and friendly service. The Century 21 franchise was added about 30 years ago which gives us the worldwide reach needed to market property in today's world. Century 21 Real Estate was founded in 1971 and consists of over 8,000 independently owned and operated offices. The headquarters office is located in Parsippany, New Jersey and provides marketing support and a national and global presence in real estate. The St. Louis Park Office was originally Zip Realty, which commenced in 2006 and merged with Century 21 Premier Group in February of 2011. 

Minneapolis Association of Realtors®
National Association of Realtors®.
Cornerstone University, B.A Degree
Coldwell Banker University, Graduate
Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, Graduate
Spartan School of Aeronautics, Graduate
Coldwell Banker University, Graduate