Monday, May 11, 2020

Updated 5/8

Governor Walz’s latest Executive Order (Order 20-48) continues to list real estate transactions as Critical Sector work, including the same restrictions, and extends the Stay at Home order through May 17, 2020.  The Governor’s Order 20-48 contains the following pertinent provisions that may affect your real estate business:
  1. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS EXEMPT: Real estate transactions have remained on the governor’s list of Critical Sector work. This category is limited to workers who facilitate and finance real estate transactions and real estate services, including appraisers and title services. All workers and personnel facilitating and financing real estate transactions are exempt from the prohibition to Stay at Home ifthey can’t do telework or virtual work at their home or residence and/or perform work that can only be done outside their home or residence. 
  2. RESTRICTIONS/REQUIREMENTS FOR EXEMPT WORKERS: Certain other restrictions apply for exempt workers.  Please see our QA regarding restrictions/requirements for further details.
  3. MASKS AND FACE COVERINGS: Minnesotans are now strongly encouraged to wear manufactured or homemade cloth face covering at all times when they leave their homes and travel to any public setting where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Minnesotans are also encouraged to follow face covering guidelines issued by MDH and CDC until this executive order is rescinded.
  4. NO UNNECESSARY TRAVEL: The order continues to encourage all Minnesotans to stay close to home and strongly discourages engaging in any unnecessary travel;  
  5. EXEMPTION TO MOVE: Allows an exemption for individuals to move to a new home or place of residence provided they follow the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Guidelinesto the maximum extent possible;
  6. “WORKERS” and “PERSONNEL”: Defines “workers” and “personnel” to include owners, proprietors, employees, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and interns;
  7. MINIMUM BASIC OPERATIONS: Exempts workers from the Stay at Home order that support minimum basic operations in business and other organizations.
  8. NON-CRITICAL EXEMPT BUSINESS: The order allows office-based businesses to return to their workplace upon the businesses’ completion of, and compliance with, certain requirements.