Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Want to increase your home value? Shop Locally!

Support Your Local Businesses

Support your local coffee shop!
Supporting your local businesses can make your home value soar!

Lately all value seems to be pointing to LIFESTYLE!  And really, there is no mystery to that because of a growing interest in all things exciting and enjoyable. Younger generations have been spoon fed multimedia presentations and Superbowl style newscasts for a couple of decades now and those young people are becoming the new home consumers. And we all seem to be following the trend. There are even businesses that track this sort of thing, like "Independent We Stand", by looking at a 14 year period of time in a particular zip code. and see how values of homes go up with the presence of strong independent businesses. The National Association of Realtors® just published an article of the correlation between these two in the following formula:

Property Values = Community Values

This article shares an example in Greenwich, R.I. Coreen Gardiner, broker and sales manager at Coleman, REALTORS® was quoted,  “I was amazed at the percentage of impact, in reaction to the home value calculator’s results for the Providence metro, which showed a 134 percent increase in home values." But it doesn't hurt that stores in her town stay open late and people participate in those businesses.
So take a closer look at your community and take the "Minnesota Nice" to a new level in your own neighborhood and you'll benefit in the process when you go to sell your home someday!

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