Saturday, January 28, 2012

Century 21 Moving Checklist

Please feel free to comment on my posts! I would like to know how you think I'm doing as a blogger. How about some real estate questions? Anyway, let's talk about moving!

6-8 Weeks Before moving day

 o    Set the date

 o    Interview moving companies and get estimates

 o    Get costs from truck rental companies if you are 
         planning to move yourself

 o    Inventory household goods

 o    Choose a mover

at least 4 weeks before moving day

 o    Contact utility companies to arrange for transfer
         or shut off

 o    File change of address forms

            - Don’t forget to notify creditors and anyone
            else who sends you monthly mail or

 o    Notify friends and family of new address

 o    Start organizing items to be moved or packed

            - Fragile vs. non-fragile

            - Immediate need in new home

                 Kitchen items




 o Hold a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items
           and junk

2 Weeks Before moving day

Return any borrowed or rented items

        - Cable Boxes

        - Furniture

        - Library books

        - Etc.

Pick up any personal items

        - Cleaning

        - Tools

        - Etc.

Begin to clear out refrigerator and freezer

1 Week Before moving day

Confirm arrangements with the movers

Notify friends and neighbors that you may need
        their help

o Make arrangements for care of small children
         and pets for the day

1 day before moving

Read a book - NOT!
Make sure each person has a bag packed for
        essentials at the new address

Defrost refrigerator/freezer

Confirm arrival time of movers

Day of the move

Get an early start

Make sure movers have your contact
        information during the move

Be available to movers for questions

Perform final check of the home once movers
        have left

      - Make sure any appliances left behind are
        turned off

            - Be sure to leave keys and garage door
o    All rooms should be at least broom clean and
            prepared for buyer walk through inspection

Delivery Day

o        Make sure you understand how mover expects
        to be paid

o        Supervise unloading and any unpacking

o        Confirm receipt of all items on inventory sheets

o        Welcome to your new home!

Moving can be fun but it can turn out to be a nightmare! So please call me now so I can walk you through all the steps of a successful move!

Dan Dekker

Century 21 Premier Group